NBA Live 18 – Player of the Week Column

Player of the Week is an NBA Live 18 weekly column that selects one NBA basketball player and recreates his play style using the character creation system.

NBA Live 18 players that want to know more about their favorite NBA stars are invited to check out the Player of the Week section on the official website. Each week, an article featuring the NBA player of the moment is posted. Players can read the article by opening the NBA Live 18 website and following the Player of the Week link from the home page. The alternative is to go to the News page and look for the article among other news.

The EA staff in charge of this weekly column chooses players based on various criteria. Players are mostly selected for their performance in current games. The Player of the Week article explains in great detail why the player was chosen. Stats like the number of scored points, rebounds, assists, blocks, and so on are considered. The article will also give some basic info about the player like his background, his career before the NBA, and such. The first part of the article is dedicated to the player and his achievements. All in all, this is a great piece especially if readers are fans of said player.

The next part of the article concerns the player’s style and how it can be recreated with the in-game tools. NBA Live 18 character creation features multiple options. Players are able to select one of the available positions and each position has multiple play styles. The Player of the Week has a section that tells users what choices they need to make if they want to create a player like the one featured in the article. For example, the Stephen Curry play style is created by selecting the Point Shooter in-game option. The article also explains which ones of the primary skills, secondary skills, and traits match the player’s style. So far, players like Lou Williams, Chris Paul, Demar DeRozan, Anthony Davis, Victor Oladipo, and James Harden were selected as Players of the Week. For NBA Live 18 playing,the most important items is nba live 18 coins that can help your team to be stronger.

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